Infrared radiation was discovered in $$1800$$ by.
  • A
    William Wollaston
  • B
    William Herschel
  • C
    Wilhelm Roentgen
  • D
    Thomas Young


Infrared radiation was discovered in $$1800$$ by $$William Herschel$$.
They discovered $$\longrightarrow $$ When sunlight went through various color filters; it produces different amount of heat. He hypothesized that colors could have different temperatures. He then passed light through glass prism, creating a color spectrum and analysing each color's temperature. He used three special thermometers.
For each color, one was placed within its bounds while the other two were outside as controls. The thermometer in the color had higher temperature than the others, and he found that each color going from violet to red was warmer than the last. He then placed a thermometer next to red light, where no color from spectrum were visible. He noticed that area had even higher temperature than color sections. He demonstrated that this visible type of light refracted and reflected the same way sunlight did.This light came to be known as infrared radiation.