Animal Behaviour

Write down the characteristic features of animals of cold habitats.
Which phenomenon is shown by a walking stick residing on the branches it resembles?
A modification in structure, form or function in an organism, deviating from other organisms of the same species or group.
Some organisms suspend their metabolic activities to survive in unfavourable conditions. Explain with the help of any four examples.
Consider the following statements (A) - (D) each with one or two blanks.
(A) Bears go into ___(1)___ during winter to __(2)__ cold weather.
(B) A conical age pyramid with a broad base represents __(3)__ human population.
(D) An area with high levels of species richness is known as __(5)__
Which one of the following options give the correct fill ups the respective blank numbers from (1) to (5) in the statements?