Coordination Compounds

What is the coordination number of Fe in $$[FeCl_2(en)_2]Cl$$?
Outer orbits have _____ energy level than inner orbits.
Which of the following is cationic complex?
Read the following short write-up and answer the questions at the end of it. One cationic complex has two isomers $$A$$ and $$B$$. Each has one $$Co^{3+}$$, five $$NH_3$$, one $$Br^-$$ and one $$SO_4^{2-}$$ stoichiometrically. $$A$$ gives white ppt with $$BaCl_2$$ while $$B$$ give yellow ppt with $$AgNO_3$$.
In the metal carbonyls of the general formula $$M(CO)_{x}$$ where M = metal; x = 4, the metal is bonded to ?