Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

IUPAC name the compound D is ......
Which of the following alcohols will give indoform test?
Bottles containing $${C}_{6}{H}_{5}I$$ and $${C}_{6}{H}_{5}{CH}_{2}I$$ lost their original labels. They are labelled A and B for testing. A and B were separately taken in a test tube and boiled with $$NaOH$$ solution. The end solution in each tube was made acidic with dilute $$H{NO}_{3}$$ and then some $$Ag{NO}_{3}$$ solution was added. Substance B gave a yellow precipitate. Which one of the following statements is true for this experiment?
$${ C }_{ 6 }{ H }_{ 5 }{ N }_{ 2 }Cl$$ $$\overset { { Cu }_{ 2 }{ Cl }_{ 2 }/HCl }{ \rightarrow  } $$ this reaction is named as:
Which of the following, when undergoing addition of $$HBr$$ will form ONLY a pair of diastereomers?