Haloalkanes and Haloarenes

Identity the compound 'D' in the following series of reactions.
$$CH_{3}-CH_{2}-Br \overset{alc. KOH}{\rightarrow}  'A' \overset{Cl_{2}/CCI_{4}}{\rightarrow}  'B' \overset{NaNH_{2}}{\rightarrow}  'C' \xrightarrow[1percentHgSO4]{40percentH2SO4}  'D'$$
The reaction of one molecule of $$HBr$$ with one molecule of $$1,3-$$butadiene at $${40}^{o}C$$ gives predominantly:
The major product formed in the following reaction is:
The major product(s) obtained in the following reaction is/are.
The number of possible organobromine compounds which can be obtained in the allylic bromination of $$1$$-butane with N-bromosuccinimide is ________.