Matter in Our Surroundings

During distillation of iodine and methyl alcohol, the non-volatile substance is Iodine.
_____ have a definite shape and volume.
The freezing point of a aqueous solution of $$KCN$$ containing $$0.1892$$ mole/kg $$H_2O$$ was $$-0.704^o$$C. On adding $$0.095$$ mole of $$Hg(CN)_2$$, the freezing point of the solution was $$-0.53^o$$C. $$Hg(CN)_2$$ is the limiting reactant.
$$Hg(CN)_2+m CN^-\rightarrow Hg(CN)^{m-}_{m+2}$$
In chromatography the filter paper is:
Write difference between boiling & evpaoration?