s-block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)

Diagonal relationship of elements in due to same:
Sodium Sulphate $$(Na_2SO_3)$$ is added to meat as a preservative. The presence of $$Na_2SO_3$$ can be detected by addinh dil.$$H_2SO_4$$ when the pungent smelling gas evolved turns the lime water milky. The gas evolved was detected as sulphur dioxide. The $$SO_2$$ evolved was dissolved in water and it requires $$I_2$$ solution in order to oxide $$SO_2$$ to $${SO_4}_{2-}$$ in titration.
$$SO_2+2H_2O+I_2 \rightarrow 4H^++{SO_4}^{2-}+2I^-$$
In order to check the results of titration , excess barium chloride is added to the final solution. The resulting precipitate is collected and weighed.

Write the electronic configuration of the given element/ion in absence of Aufbau Principle.
Compare and contrast the chemistry of group 1 metals with that of group 2 metals with respect to the following:
Two inorganic compounds (A) and (B) are obtained by treating calcium orthophosphate with magnesium metal. (A) on hydrolysis produces a gas (C). The gas (C) was burnt in excess air to yield compound (D). (D) reacts with (B) to produce (E). [Atomic mass of $$P =31g, Ca =40g; Mg =24 g, O=16 g)$$.