Application of Integrals

The number of solutions for $$\cos{x}=x$$ is:
Five curves defined as follows
$$\displaystyle C_{1}:\left | x+y \right |\leq 1$$
$$\displaystyle C_{2}:\left | x-y \right |\leq 1$$
$$\displaystyle C_{3}:\left | x \right |\leq \cfrac{1}{2}$$
$$\displaystyle C_{4}:\left | y \right |\leq \cfrac{1}{2}$$
$$\displaystyle C_{5}:3x^{2}+3y^{2}=1$$
Draw the asymptotes of $$\tan x$$ in the interval $$\left(0,\dfrac{\pi}{2}\right)$$.
The area bounded by the curves $$y=\left| x \right| -1$$ and $$ y=-\left| x \right| +1$$ is
The area included between the curve $${y}^{2}\left(2a-x\right)={x}^{3}$$ is