Fundamentals of Mathematics

A stone is dropped from the top of a building 147 m high. How long will it take to reach the ground? What will be its velocity when it strikes the ground? 
Consider the statements 
(i)Two plus three is five.
(ii) Every square is a rectangle.
(iii) Sun rises in the east.
(iv) The earth is not a star. 
Which of the above statements have truth value (T) ?
If $$\displaystyle  a =\frac{bc}{b+c}$$, find $$c$$ when $$\displaystyle  a = 11 \frac{1}{9}$$ and $$b = 25$$.
$$ p\wedge  (\sim q)\Rightarrow p$$ is
Conjunction of the statement: " $$3$$ is not even and $$3$$ is not prime." is