What unit would you use to measure water?
A circus tent is cylindrical upto a height of  $$3m$$ and conical above if. If the diameter of the base is $$105m$$ and the slant height of the conical part is $$53m$$, find the total canvas used in making the tent.
The above figure is made up of a square, a triangle and a rectangle. Find the area of the shaded region.
Here is an empty pool in the shape of a cuboid.
The width of the pool is $$3\ m$$
The length of the pool is $$12\ m$$
The top of the pool is $$2.5\ m$$ above the base of the pool.
jeb is goining to put water in the pool.
The level of the surface of the water will be $$60\ cm$$ below the top of the pool.
Water flows into the pool at $$400\ litres$$ per minute 
$$1\ m^{3}=1000 liters$$
How long will it take to fill to pool to $$60\ cm$$ below the top of the pool?
Given answer in hours and miuntes.
If $$r=6\ m, \ell =8\ cm$$, find the  total surface area.