Solution of Triangle

If the two legs of a right angled triangle are equal and square of the hypotenuse is 128 then the length of each leg is__
The length of the shadow of a rod inclined at $$10^{0}$$ to the vertical towards the sun is $$2.05$$ m when the elevation of the sun is $$38^{0}$$. The length of the rod is

The angles of elevation of a flying kite at three points, $$A,\ B,\ C$$ on a horizontal line (lying in the same vertical plane with the kite) are in the ratio $$1 :2: 3$$ if $$AB=a,\ BC=b$$ then the height of the kite is
The top of a mountain is observed from $$A$$ and $$B$$ at the sea level. lf $$N$$ is the point vertically below $$P$$ and $$\angle NAB=\alpha, \angle NBA =\beta, \angle NAP=\Theta, \angle NBP =\phi$$ then the value of $$\cot\phi\sin\beta$$ is
If in a triangle ABC, the altitudes from the vertices A, B, C on opposite sides are in
H.P., then sin A, sin B, sin C are in