Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines

The set of lines $$ax+by+c=0$$ where $$3a+2b+4c=0$$ is concurrent at the point .....
Let $$P=(-1,0),Q=(0,0)$$ and $$R=(3,3\sqrt { 3 } )$$ be three points. Then the equation of bisector of the angle $$PQR$$ is
If the point $$(a,2)$$ lies between the lines $$x - y -1 = 0$$ and $$2(x-y)-5 = 0$$, then the set of values of a is 
If the line $$3x+2y=6$$ passes through a point $$(4,y)$$, find $$y$$ and also find two more equations of the lines passing through this point
Coordinates of the image of the point $$\left(\dfrac {5}{2},0\right)$$ with respect to the origin is