Alternating Current

A source of constant voltage $$V$$ is connected to a resistance $$R$$ and two ideal inductors $$L_{1}$$ and $$L_{2}$$ through a switch $$S$$ as shown. There is no mutual inductance between the two inductors. The switch $$S$$ is initially open. At $$t=0$$, the switch is closed and current beings to flow. Which of the following options is/are correct?
Which of the following option is correct for an ideal capacitor connected to a sinusoidal voltage source over a complete cycle?
In the given figure, the current amplitude is :
The above figure shows a cross-over network in a loud speaker system. One branch consists of a capacitor $$C$$ and a resistor $$R$$ in series $$($$the tweeter$$).$$ This branch is in parallel with a second branch $$($$The woofer$$)$$ that consists of an. inductor $$L$$ and a resistor $$R$$ in series. The same source voltage with angular frequency $$\omega ($$from an amplifier$$)$$ is applied across each parallel branch. 
The power factor in a circuit connected to an AC. The value of power factor is