Laws of Motion

A string of length (L) and uniform cross-section is spread on a smooth plane. One of its end is pulled by a force F. Find the tension in it at a distance l from this end :
Figure shows two blocks A and B, each having a mass of 320 gram connected by a light string passing over a smooth light Pulley. The horizontal surface on which the block a can slide is smooth. The block is attached
A monkey of $$25kg$$ is holding a vertical rope. The rope does not break if a body of mass $$30kg$$ is suspended from it, but the rope  breaks if the mass of the body suspended with the rope exceeds $$30kg$$. What will be the maximum acceleration with which the monkey can climb up along the rope? (Take $$g=10m{ s }^{ -2 }$$)
Two blocks shown in figure are connected by a heavy rope of mass $$4kg$$. An upward force of $$200N$$ is applied as shown. The tension at the mid-point of the rope is ($$g=10m{ s }^{ -2 }$$)
A block of weight $$4 kg$$ is resting on a smooth horizontal plane. If it is struck by a jet of water at the rate of $$2 { kgs }^{ -1 }$$ and at the speed of $$10 { ms }^{ -1 }$$, then the initial acceleration of the block is