Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

A ray of light enters a spherical drop of water of refractive index $$\mu$$ as shown in the figure.
A thin film of a specific material can be used to decrease the intensity of reflected light. There is destructive interference of waves reflected from upper and lower surface of the film. These films are called non-reflecting or antireflection coatings. The process of coating the lens or surface with non-reflecting film is called blooming as shown in the figure. The refracting index of coating $$(n_{1})$$ is less than that of the glass $$(n_{2})$$.
Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end.
On a full solar eclipse day Mr.Y did few experiments with his friends Mr. Z and Ms.W. They took photo cells of work function 1.2 $$eV$$ ,2.4 $$eV$$ and 3.6 $$eV$$ respectively. Each of them set the photocells in open field with detector $$(pA)$$ and noted the intensities half an hour before the solar eclipse till half an hour past the eclipse. An observatory described that a streak of light was observed when the solar eclipse was in full swing. Mr. Y and his team also confirmed the streak.
The resolving power of a microscope is its capacity to form distinct images of two very close objects. This power depends upon the wavelength of the light used for illuminating the object and is more for violet light than for the red.
   The breakthrough in high-resolution microscopy was made with the advent of quantum mechanics which established the dual nature of wave and matter. Ordinary light, under suitable conditions, could behave like a stream of particles, whereas, with the help of particles moving with high speeds all wave phenomena like diffraction, interference, etc. Could be demonstrated. The relationship between the momentum of the particle and the wavelength of the associated wave is given by the de Broglie's hypothesis, which states that the wavelength is inversely proportional to momentum.

How does the angle of minimum deviation produced by a prism change with increase in